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At the recent Hopman Cup, Evolv Express security technology stood out from the crowd. Its deployment at the tournament demonstrated its effectiveness and reliability. Find out how Evolv Express redefined safety standards at the Hopman Cup.

For the 32nd edition of the Hopman Cup, Evolv Express was showcased at this prestigious event, offering a remarkable illustration of its effectiveness in terms of security. Our state-of-the-art security system, renowned for its speed and precision, played a vital role in ensuring the safety of players and spectators alike throughout the tournament.

Deployed for the first time by the Hopman Cup, Evolv Express immediately caused a sensation by demonstrating its ability to carry out effective checks while maintaining a smooth flow of traffic. Its advanced functionalities considerably strengthened the tournament's overall security arrangements, offering peace of mind to organizers and participants alike.

Intelligent Security Gates

One of the main advantages of Evolv Express is its high-quality, targeted access control. Equipped with real-time threat detection capabilities, the system triggers alerts only in the event of anomalies, enabling precise and effective control

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, spectators at the Hopman Cup were able to pass through our security gates without having to remove electronic items such as their phones or keys. This targeted approach ensures that only those individuals presenting a real risk are subjected to a thorough check, reducing waiting times for other participants.


At the Hopman Cup, the speed of Evolv Express was widely praised. Our security system enabled participants to pass through checkpoints with great speed, while maintaining a high level of security. This efficiency ensured a smooth and continuous flow throughout the event, avoiding queues and delays for spectators and players alike.

Thanks to the speed of Evolv Express, participants enjoyed an optimal customer experience. By quickly passing through the checkpoints, they were able to access the Hopman Cup site directly, without having to wait in line. This fluidity contributed to making the event more pleasant and convenient for all participants.

Better Management of Agent Teams

Another notable advantage of Evolv Express is its ability to reduce the number of agents needed to manage access controls. By automating part of the threat detection process, the system enabled security teams to concentrate on other aspects of Hopman Cup security. 

This enabled security officers to focus on proactive monitoring of the event, rapid response to potential incidents and emergency management. This increased focus on overall security helped to protect participants and ensure the smooth running of the Hopman Cup.

In conclusion, the integration of Evolv Express into the Hopman Cup represented a major step forward in improving security at major sporting events. Thanks to its targeted approach, speed of execution and ability to optimize human resources, Evolv Express has established itself as an indispensable solution for ensuring the safety and comfort of all participants.

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