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Heightened security at the Cannes 
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The Cannes Lions Festival is an undisputed event for advertising and creativity, bringing together the industry's biggest names and talents every year. But how did the organizers ensure safety at this festival ?

This event is a global benchmark for the advertising industry. Each year, the Cannes Lions International Jury views nearly 20,000 entries to reward the most talented creators and the finest communication campaigns.

The Cannes Lions Festival is also an opportunity for many participants to meet and exchange ideas with other professionals. In addition, the organizers have set up “Academies” led by world-renowned speakers, offering classroom sessions and hands-on learning.

With over 100,000 visitors, 3,500 professionals (publishers, authors, illustrators, distributors) and 5,000 competitors, it was essential to guarantee everyone's safety. That's why the organizers chose our Evolv Express security systems to provide protection at the Cannes Lions Festival.

The Needs of the Cannes Lions Festival 

The organizers were aware of the large number of visitors expected at the Cannes Lions Festival. They were therefore looking for ways to increase security while reducing waiting times at security checkpoints, in order to smooth traffic flow and improve the customer experience. That's why the organizers turned to our Evolv Express security gantries

Increased Safety

The implementation of Evolv Express devices has been a real success. Indeed, thanks to our AI system integrated into our security gantries, security guards were able to pinpoint the exact location of the threat thanks to the precise location provided by the AI. As a result, participants and visitors were able to feel completely safe.

Improved Traffic Flow

Our security gates allow participants and visitors to pass through without having to stop. Our AI system detects threats while distinguishing everyday objects, enabling individuals to pass through our gates without having to remove their personal belongings. This smooth flow of traffic was much appreciated by customers and organizers alike.


In conclusion, we received extremely positive feedback, both from the organizers, who were delighted with the high level of security maintained, and from visitors and participants, whose experience at the Cannes Lions Festival was greatly enhanced by the installation of our Evolv Express security gates.


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