Spotify Beach at Cannes

Security at the Spotify Beach
in Cannes | Aitecal

This year, Spotify returns to the south of France for the Cannes Lions Festival. The Spotify Beach attracts many visitors every year. But how have the organizers improved safety for all participants and visitors this year ?

Every year, music streaming platform Spotify organizes the “Spotify Beach” during the Cannes Lions Festival. This event offers guests the opportunity to relax, listen to live music, take part in activities and enjoy the festive atmosphere of the concerts. But it also serves as a showcase for Spotify to promote its services and partnerships with artists and brands. The event also attracts a great deal of interest from the general public, which is why security measures need to be reinforced to ensure everyone's well-being. That's why the organizers decided to call on our Evolv Express security gantries.

State-of-the-Art Security

Our Evolv Express security gantries have helped boost security thanks to their innovative system. Built-in AI enabled security guards to accurately detect the threat, whether on the individual or in his or her bag as he or she passed through.

 This efficiency enabled fewer security agents to be mobilized, redirecting them to high-traffic areas. As a result, all participants were able to enjoy Spotify Beach in complete safety.

A Real Success

Spotify Beach participants were able to take full advantage of the festivities. In fact, thanks to our innovative security gates, participants were able to pass through the gates without being checked, unless a weapon was detected by our security devices.

As a result, the heavy traffic at Spotify Beach was able to flow smoothly, allowing all spectators to enjoy the concerts without waiting.

In conclusion, all parties present had a great time during the festivities, in complete peace and security thanks to Evolv Express.


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