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Evolv Express at the Rolex 
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For the second year running, Aitecal was honored to provide Evolv Express security for the prestigious Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters.  Find out how we ensured the security of the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters with Evolv Express.

In the world of sporting events, security is an absolute priority. Having been satisfied with our systems last year, the tournament organizers decided to call on Aitecal's services once again, and more specifically on our innovative security systems, the Evolv Express gantries.

At the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters, a major event, it is vital to guarantee the safety of players, staff and spectators alike. That's why our technology has been seamlessly integrated into the access control process, enabling all spectators to be monitored.

In a report for France 3, Philippe Polli, Operations Director of the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters, justified his choice in favor of Evolv Express devices in the following terms: "We understood that we had to change our security arrangements and opt for a more reactive approach to security, in order to offer customers a guarantee that they would arrive in a perfectly secure area."

A Revolutionary System

Thanks to Evolv Express' cutting-edge technology, our devices offer effective detection of dangerous weapons without requiring the removal of everyday items such as keys or telephones. As a result, the participants' passages went smoothly and safely. Many of the participants spoke to CNews about their experiences during the passage. Some said: "It goes fast, it's useful when you're late for the matches", while others declared: "It's impeccable". This feedback testifies to the effectiveness and satisfaction of participants with our Evolv Express security technology.

Thanks to Evolv Express, queues were reduced and the entry process went smoothly, providing a positive experience for all attendees. What's more, Evolv Express' ability to quickly detect potential threats enhanced the event's security and provided peace of mind for organizers and attendees alike.

This year, our President, Sascha Kunkel, spoke to Monaco-Matin to highlight the merits of our Evolv Express security gantries. In addition, Monaco TV ran a captivating report on our Evolv Express safety devices, highlighting all the features of our machine. This media coverage convincingly illustrates the constant evolution of Evolv Express and its growing importance in large-scale events such as the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters.

Testimonial from the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters Operations Manager

In his testimony during a report on CNews, Alexandre Aulnette, Operations Director of the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters, highlighted the importance of decision-support tools in the field of security. He points out that the integration of technologies such as Evolv Express intelligent devices represents a significant step forward in enhancing safety levels. "These tools not only improve threat detection, but also facilitate information management and analysis". For him, these advances represent a major step forward in the field of security, offering effective and positive solutions to guarantee the protection of people and events.

In conclusion, the use of Evolv Express devices at the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters was a resounding success. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, the event went off without a hitch, offering unprecedented fluidity.

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