Le Tour de France at Nice

Enhanced Security at the Amateur Tour de France in Nice | Aitecal

The Amateur Tour de France in Nice is an iconic event for cycling enthusiasts, drawing participants and spectators from all over the world. But how did the organizers ensure safety at this event?

The Amateur Tour de France, a premier event for cycling enthusiasts, celebrated its 32nd edition on Saturday, July 6, 2024, between Nice and the Col de la Couillole. With an anticipated 14,000 participants and more than 50,000 visitors over three days, this event demanded rigorous security measures. We at Aitecal are proud to have contributed to the safety and smooth running of this cycling festival with the deployment of our Evolv Express security systems.

The iconic Place Masséna in Nice was transformed into a bustling hub of activity, featuring numerous cycling-related stands and welcoming participants from across France. Starting Thursday, cyclists and visitors could explore the Departure Village, hosting 75 exhibitors and offering a variety of activities. This setup provided a unique opportunity for families, friends, and cycling enthusiasts to enjoy the event together.

The Security Needs of the Amateur Tour de France

Given the large number of participants and visitors, the organizers needed to enhance security while ensuring a seamless experience at security checkpoints. The goal was to manage the high volume of attendees efficiently, maintaining smooth traffic flow and a positive customer experience. This is where our Evolv Express security systems came into play.

Increased Safety Measures

Deploying Evolv Express devices significantly boosted security. Our AI-integrated security gantries enabled guards to pinpoint threats precisely, enhancing overall safety for participants and visitors. The advanced technology ensured that everyone could enjoy the event with peace of mind, knowing they were protected by state-of-the-art security measures.

Improved Traffic Flow

Our security gates allowed individuals to pass through without stopping, thanks to the AI system's ability to detect threats while differentiating everyday objects. This meant that attendees did not need to remove personal belongings, leading to a smoother flow of traffic. Both customers and organizers appreciated this efficiency, which greatly enhanced the overall experience.


The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. Organizers were pleased with the high level of security maintained throughout the event, while visitors and participants enjoyed an enhanced experience thanks to the seamless integration of our Evolv Express security gates. Aitecal is honored to have played an important role in ensuring the success and safety of the Amateur Tour de France in Nice, contributing to the vibrant celebration of cycling.


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