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At the heart of the excitement of the Paris 2024 Marathon, safety is a major concern for organizers and participants alike. So it's important to ask how the Paris Marathon was able to ensure the safety of its 54,175 participants?

The Paris Marathon attracts thousands of people eager to take part in this unique sporting adventure. Faced with this growing number of participants, the organizers felt it essential to reinforce their security measures. With this in mind, they called on Aitecal to deploy our Evolv Express security gantries, an innovative solution designed to guarantee the safety of large-scale events.

How Did our Safety Process Work at the Paris Marathon ?

As soon as the participants arrived, they all had to pass through our Evolv Express security gates, marking the start of a safe and stress-free race. 

The major advantage of our security systems lies in their ability to allow participants to pass through the gantries without having to remove their equipment, providing a seamless experience.

Intelligent Technology for Enhanced Safety

Once the attendees have passed through, our Evolv Express integrated AI system springs into action, carefully analyzing the presence of any threatening objects. 

If a potential threat is detected, our gantries display a red light, alerting security guards to the need for a thorough check. 

Thanks to our Evolv Express integrated tablets, agents can quickly identify the area to be examined, facilitating control procedures and guaranteeing enhanced security for all.

Smooth and Efficient

But that's not all. The Evolv Express system also helped to smooth the flow of participants, making for an even smoother experience. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, participants no longer had to stop unless they were detected by Evolv Express. This increased fluidity not only enhanced the participant experience, but also saved valuable time.

By avoiding unnecessary stops and targeting only those requiring further verification, our system enabled more efficient management of attendee flow. This traffic optimization not only reduced waiting times, but also contributed to a more dynamic and energetic atmosphere at the Paris 2024 Marathon.

This innovative and intelligent approach greatly satisfied the participants, who were able to pass through the security gates with complete confidence, knowing that their safety was being taken care of efficiently and discreetly. By offering a secure and unrestricted experience, we contributed to the success and smooth running of the Paris 2024 Marathon, demonstrating the effectiveness and relevance of our Evolv technology in large-scale events.

In conclusion, thanks to Evolv Express, we were able to provide a smooth, fast and secure experience for all participants, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in event security.

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