Le Carnaval de Nice

Evolv at the heart of Nice Carnival festivities | Aitecal 

The city of Nice and Estrosi called on Aitecal and our Evolv systems to guarantee the safety of the Nice Carnival festivities. But how did our devices ensure that the festivities ran smoothly ?

Our innovative Evolv Express safety systems ensured the safety of 20,000 people at this year's edition of the Nice Carnival, and enabled spectators to enjoy their time with complete peace of mind thanks to Evolv's reliability.


The watchwords of our Evolv devices are reliability and innovation. During the Carnival festivities, our devices detected potentially dangerous objects such as razor blades, knives and other objects that could be used as weapons, while dissociating them from everyday metal objects. The mayor of Nice described the technology as a "new innovation", underlining its importance.

As soon as a threatening object is spotted, a red light comes on, signalling the need for a targeted search. The mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, also expressed his satisfaction to Nice Presse, saying: "We first tested a first device last week, and then purchased four more," underlining the reliability and confidence placed in our Evolv devices.

Time Saving

During the Carnival festivities, Aitecal was a real time-saver, helping to keep traffic flowing smoothly. Our security devices facilitated the passage of 4,000 people per hour, 10,000 times faster than conventional metal detection devices, providing a queue-free experience thanks to its sophisticated sensor system linked to artificial intelligence
As Nice mayor Christian Estrosi explains: "In the early days, with conventional gantries, Carnaval started up to 40 minutes late. We can't afford to leave 4,000 people waiting outside for all that time, given the risks involved. Our Evolv systems played a crucial role in the efficient management of the Carnival festivities. 
The mayor of Nice also underlined the effectiveness of our Evolv systems to "Les amis du maire": "This type of gantry ensures greater fluidity by routing up to 4,000 people per hour, which is considerable for an event such as the Carnival festivities".

Improving the Customer Experience 

Our Evolv devices have greatly enhanced the customer experience thanks to our intelligent detection system. During the Carnival festivities, which drew 20,000 spectators this year, our devices enabled participants to enjoy the festivities without any delays or pressure, thanks to the speed of our devices' controls, while at the same time feeling safe during the festivities.

Many spectators commented on the effectiveness of our Evolv systems, describing them as "fluid", "straightforward" and even "formidable", as the article in PressReader puts it. This positive feedback testifies to the positive impact of our devices on the overall experience of Carnival participants.

In summary, the Evolv devices not only helped to improve safety at the Carnival, they also enriched the experience of participants by offering them a smooth and efficient control process. As such, they represent a valuable solution for ensuring the success and satisfaction of participants at large-scale events.
Aitecal's track record during the Nice Carnival festivities was more than satisfactory, thanks to our exceptional performance and our commitment to the safety and comfort of participants. We received more than positive feedback from the City of Nice, Mayor Christian Estrosi and the spectators themselves. We are particularly proud to have made a significant contribution to the safety and success of this iconic event.

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