La Fête du Citron

Evolv express ensures safety at the Lemon Festival | Aitecal 

Every year, the sunny town of Menton celebrates the arrival of spring with a bang at the Fête du Citron. In 2024, for the 90th edition, this emblematic event took on a new dimension with the introduction of Evolv Express' cutting-edge technology. How did our systems make the Fête du Citron run so smoothly ?

Safety First With Evolv Express 

With the Fête du Citron being such a large-scale event, the organizers felt it necessary to guarantee the safety of participants. That's why they called on Aitecal to implement effective security measures. The introduction of Evolv Express' cutting-edge technology made it possible to meet this challenge with success. 

Thanks to its advanced detection sensors, Evolv Express offers a fast, reliable and non-intrusive access control solution, enabling dangerous objects to be detected without disrupting the flow of visitors.

How Did It Go? 

Visitors to the Fête du Citron were greeted by Evolv Express devices at checkpoints. Unlike traditional screening methods, which can be time-consuming and uncomfortable, Evolv Express offered a smooth, frictionless experience

Sensors were able to automatically detect prohibited items, such as firearms and knives, allowing visitors to pass quickly through the checkpoints without any delays. 

By smoothing traffic flow in this way, our devices helped to ensure that visitors moved quickly and efficiently through the checkpoints, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all participants.

A Safe And Pleasant Experience 

By integrating Evolv Express into the Fête du Citron, the organizers ensured that the safety of participants was an absolute priority, while preserving the festive and convivial atmosphere of the event. As a result, visitors were able to relax and enjoy the magic of the Fête du Citron with complete peace of mind. 

By placing safety at the top of their priorities, the organizers sent out a strong message: every visitor is important, and their well-being is essential to the success of the Fête du Citron. 

With Evolv Express, security controls became more efficient than ever, ensuring optimum protection without compromising the festive character of the event. This approach to security allowed visitors to relax and enjoy the Fête du Citron, knowing they were in safe hands, Aitecal offered real peace of mind to participants.

By offering a safe and enjoyable experience, the Fête du Citron not only consolidated its reputation as a renowned event, but also established lasting bonds with its participants. They are likely to return year after year, knowing that they can always count on a safe and welcoming environment in which to celebrate this emblematic tradition of the Menton region.

This 2024 edition of the Fête du Citron was a resounding success, offering visitors a secure, seamless and memorable experience. We are proud to have contributed to the success of this iconic event, and are committed to continuing to provide innovative solutions to ensure the security of future events.

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