July 14th Festivities 
in Toulouse

Successful Deployment of EVOLV Express Security Gates at the July 14th Festivities in Toulouse | Aitecal

Every year, the city of Toulouse celebrates the national holiday of July 14th, starting the festivities the day before with its fireworks display in honor of the storming of the Bastille. This event attracts a large number of families. But how did the pink city of Toulouse ensure safety during this celebration ?

Each year, the city of Toulouse celebrates Bastille Day on July 14th, kicking off the festivities the night before with a fireworks display in honor of the storming of the Bastille. This year, the celebration attracted approximately 300,000 people, who came to enjoy an exceptional program including a concert by artists from the NRJ Music Tour and a spectacular fireworks show themed around Claude Nougaro to mark the 20th anniversary of his passing.

The city of Toulouse, committed to ensuring the safety of all participants, deployed the next-generation EVOLV Express security gates, equipped with integrated artificial intelligence. This initiative aimed to enhance not only security but also the experience for families attending this major event.

Precise Safety

The EVOLV Express security gates played a crucial role in the success of the festivities. Thanks to their advanced control system, they were able to precisely detect the location of threatening objects on each individual, thereby enhancing security. Participants were able to enjoy the festivities in safety and peace, highlighting the speed and smoothness of the controls.

Smoother Traffic Flow 

Thanks to our Artificial Intelligence system integrated into our security gantries, Evolv Express played a crucial role in smoothing traffic flow during the July 14th event. With up to 300,000 participants, it was imperative to keep traffic flowing smoothly. 

This is where our Evolv Express security systems played a crucial role. Indeed, our gantries stand out for their innovation, allowing people to cross without removing their personal belongings - a unique feature on the market. Thanks to our Evolv Express devices, participants were able to move directly through the gates, thus contributing to the smooth running of the event.

An Unique Experience

Participants in the July 14th celebrations were treated to an exceptional experience on this special day. The implementation of Evolv Express systems ensured a smooth crossing, while reducing queues, providing an unforgettable experience for all spectators.


In conclusion, the Bastille Day festivities in Toulouse were a great success. All participants were pleased with the new security measures and had an excellent time in complete safety thanks to EVOLV Express. This success paves the way for wider adoption of intelligent access control systems, promising even safer and more enjoyable future events for all.



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