Chanel Fashion Show

Chanel Fashion Show : Elegance and Safety in Marseille | Aitecal

This year, Chanel's prestigious cruise fashion show was held in Marseille, attracting the attention of the world's most eminent fashion enthusiasts and famous stars. In this context, it was essential to ensure the security of this event with our Evolv Express security systems.

A Fashion Show on a Grand Scale

To present its new Croisière 2024/2025 collection, the Chanel fashion house opted for MAMO, the Cité Radieuse art center in Marseille. The show attracted the interest of many fashion enthusiasts, as well as guest stars such as Marion Cotillard, Lily-Rose Depp, Tessa Thompson, SCH, Phoebe Tonkin, Sadie Sink, Lyna Khoudri, YounJung Go, Akhenaton and Charlotte Casiraghi. Ensuring the security of such a large-scale event was essential for the fashion house, to protect models, spectators and guest stars. That's why they chose our Evolv Express security systems to keep everyone safe.

State-of-the-Art Security

The main reason why Chanel decided to use our security systems was the precision of our gantries. In fact, our Evolv Express security systems stand out from others on the market thanks to their integrated artificial intelligence system. Our security gantries are equipped with an extremely accurate weapons detection system, with no need to remove metal objects. As soon as a person passes through our gantries, they immediately pinpoint the location of the dangerous object, enabling a targeted search to be carried out.

Enhanced Customer Experience 

Our security systems not only guarantee safety, they also help to enhance the customer experience and immerse them in the parade event.

Indeed, spectators were able to access the parade directly, without having to wait to be searched at the security gates. This fluidity in the security screening process was enthusiastically welcomed by many spectators. Thanks to this efficiency, they were able to watch the parade in a peaceful, worry-free atmosphere, which greatly enriched their experience.


All in all, the Chanel cruise show in Marseille was a resounding success, combining safety and elegance. The event will be remembered as an unforgettable experience for all those who took part.


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