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Join us as TV Monaco takes you behind the scenes at the Monte-Carlo Country Club during the prestigious Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters tournament to showcase our cutting-edge Evolv Express control system. 


Dive into the revolutionary world of security with Sascha Kunkel, Executive Chairman and Owner of ALGIZ Security, in this captivating interview conducted by BFM TV during the Carnaval de Nice.


Discover the report made by France 3 on our Evolv Express security system used for the 2023 edition of the prestigious Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters tournament.


Read the report on Evolv Express security systems at the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters tennis tournament, including an exclusive interview with Sascha Kunkel.

Press Articles on Evolv Express


Our new Evolv Express technology, installed for two years at the Monte-Carlo Masters 1000, made its debut around the Monaco circuit, helping to streamline the flow of spectators attending the Formula 1 Grand Prix.


It's a source of pride for the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters. For the ninth year running, international company Algiz Security - based in Monaco - is providing security at all four entry points to the famous tennis tournament.


A new security system is being deployed for the Nice Carnival 2024, with new gates based on artificial intelligence. Implemented by the American company Evolv, they facilitate entry processing.


This system, tested on a large scale on corso days, avoids systematic searches of spectators, and could be deployed at the Paris Olympics. Spectators can pass through security checks without being systematically searched by an agent. 


During the Nice Carnival, a new system of security gates based on Artificial Intelligence was put in place. Tried and tested by the French government, these new security gantries from America have replaced the traditional ones at this year's Carnaval de Nice. 


This device is equipped with an artificial intelligence system that can detect pre-registered metal loads. The result is a much smoother flow of traffic. It's a Formula 1 gantry ins-talled for the Nice Carnival. It enables a continuous flow of 4,000 spectators per hour on a double lane, whereas traditional gantries can only handle 240 per hour.


In Nice, safety is a priority, and the city is never short of innovations to protect the population in public spaces, particularly during major events. This evening, mayor Christian Estrosi, his first deputy Anthony Borré and Véronique Borré, the city's deputy director general for security and citizenship, unveiled the new security gantry deployed at Carnaval.


Security for major events with the presentation of the new intelligent security gates deployed at the Nice Carnival. Since 2008, under the impetus of Christian Estrosi, the city of Nice has made a considerable commitment to experimentation and innovation, with the aim of improving the safety of the people of Nice. 


Nice relies on high-tech gantries for carnival security. The city of Nice is looking to innovate and upgrade its carnival security with new-generation gantries! For this 139th edition, the city has called on the American company Evolve Technology, part of the international Algiz Security group.


It's a first in France, according to Algiz Security. For the duration of the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters, which began on Saturday, the group in charge of security for the professional circuit tennis tournament has deployed "revolutionary portals" at all four entrances to the country club.

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